Relaxation in Lanzarote

So I am just back from 5 days on the beautiful Canary island of Lanzarote. Rest and relaxation was the sole purpose of my trip and that’s exactly what I did. I had been away in March to Cancun, which was a jam-packed trip and I was literally exhausted after getting home. So a few days in the sun to relax was exactly what I needed.
My Daily Routine 

For each of my 5 days I had a basic sort of routine. It didn’t consist of much, but it made sure I made the most of my trip. I woke around 8am but gave myself an extra half hour and I got up at 8.30am. I sat with a cup of tea on the balcony of the Atlantis Las Lomas apartments and enjoyed the fresh air and the beginning of the days sunshine emerging.
By about 9.30am , after washing applying layers of sun cream I was ready for a walk. I used a Garnier Amber Solaire BB cream with SPF50 on my face. It was tinted aswell as providing that essential sun care for your face. I walked along the beach, bare feet in and out of the waves. Just some time on my own, listening to my Spotify and taking in the beautiful scenes around me. Lots of young families were down early, children playing in the sand and water. The coolest time of the day. Local businesses were setting up sun loungers and parasols for the day, pedal boats and the hugely popular Inflatable assault course out on the water. (I’ll tell you about my time on the course further on!) At about 10am every morning I saw the lifeguards coming on duty and raising the green flags along the beach. After walking up and back down the length of the beach I headed back to the apartments.
I tried to eat lightly during the day, so often croissants and fruit for breakfast, and a tuna baguette for some lunch. Also litres of water! The temperatures were between 28-30 degrees during my stay so it was very hot and keeping rehydrated was essential. I managed to keep to this sort of plan, an odd can of Coca Cola may have been consumed. I somehow resisted the ice creams!
I love the sun and sunbathing is something I really enjoy. I sat out for most of the afternoon, trying to make sure I would go home with a nice tan. I read two books over the 5 days – I didn’t have time to read in a couple of months so it was great to finally have some time. I read a book called Sisters and Lies by Bernice Barrington which kept my engrossed with the mystery of what was going on in the plot. Then I read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larsson. This was a book I have wanted to read for longest time and I finally got around to it. Again, I couldn’t put the book down. I’ve already started on the second in the series!
In the afternoon I would take a break from sunbathing for fear of overheating! So into the pool I went, with my brother who loved the water. Unlike my brother who would canon ball into the pool, I gingerly went in a toe at a time and then step by step. Once I was in I was grand, but I just can’t get in to the cold water quickly.
I stayed out in the sun for hours, usually until sometime between 5pm and 6pm. By this stage it was necessary to get myself in order for going to dinner . After a luke warm shower, which is very strange for me as I always love the water scalding, I began the process of taming my hair. Unfortunately my hair doesn’t sit too well in the heat and just goes completely frizzy. I either just tied it back in pony or put a few loose GHD curls and hoped for the best. Straightening was just not an option for me here in Lanzarote. My make up was also a bit of a task, even though I cleansed and moisturised routinely each day, my skin was still very dry. The make up went on in streaks and refused to blend for me. Looking closely in the mirror it looked like I was doing a bad job of painting my face! I went for minimalist make – up as layering it on was not a good look in the heat. So a bit of eye shadow and mascara and my face lipstick MAC Velvet Teddy completed the look. The the process of what to wear would begin. Despite my regular applications of sun cream I did still burn a little , so I had to find something comfortable to wear that wasn’t too tight on my skin. As I had overpacked for my 5 day trip I had lots to choose from!
We went for a family dinner each evening – myself with my mum and dad and brother. I returned to my youth and had Smirnoff ice with my meals, or sangria which I loved. I don’t know whether being left out of the complimentary after meals shot and getting a lollipop instead was a good think or bad thing!? I’m a lot older than people perceive me to be!
We are in many restaurants along Avenida de las Playas , but my favourite beyond doubt was Restaurtante Playa Mar. We passes by it most evenings saying we would save it until last as it looked so good. A glass front showed the chefs preparing and chargrilling the steaks and meats on open flames. Being able to see into the kitchen is something I love. The smell of the food was amazing and from I could see on the plates passing by it looked equally amazing. Last night I order chicken in pepper sauce , served with rice , chips and vegetables. I ordered sangria to drink and ordered the chocolate brownie to finish. And I finished every morsel the food was that good! Dad of course ordered the steak with chips and salad, my mum the fish in natter with chips and salad and my brother went for the roast beef with chips and vegetables. Everyone was delighted with the meal. The portion sizes were great, the food was so fresh and hot and the service and presentation was 100%. We were extremely well looked after. A bill of €95 euro including service charge, a bottle of wine and bread rolls with 4 main meals and deserts was amazing value for the high quality food and service we received . I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting Puerto deal Carmen.
As I was on a quiet family holiday, and none of my sisters came, I can’t comment much on the night life this time. But it looked like there was lots to offer so will have to re-book another holding to test it out! We went to a couple of Irish bars and Ruta 66 on the main beachfront for cocktails that were nice. But we found a gem of a bar in the Old Town of Puerto Rico in the form of an Irish Bar called Craic n’ Ceol. It was hair around the corner from the main shopping centre Las Vistas. We went in shortly after 10pm and the music was in full swing. The place was full and everyone was really enjoying the music. It was a proper Irish bar in ten middle of Puerto del Carmen and was a real family bar. We were well looked after by the staff who were all very friendly and welcoming. The night we were in there happened to be a wedding party in. The couple were Irish and had got married in Puerto del Carmen that day, and a request for Galway Girl had the whole wedding party up on the dance floor. An amazing atmosphere! Again as I was with the family, we didn’t stay too late or go too mad but it looked like it was place for lots of craic into the early hours! I’ll have to plan a return trip to Craic n’ Ceol on my next holiday for sure.
Shopping in Puerto del Carmen was also excellent , and I managed to squash a few dresses and jackets from Mango and Zara into my Ryanair allowances on the flight home. Note to self : check in a large suitcase to bring home more shopping! The style of clothes in Spain always appeals to me and could have shopped a lot more!
My last day in Lanzarote included one activity that my brother insisted on. And that was going out on the inflatable assault course with him. Life jackets were mandatory so I was put at some ease going out to the open water at least. I had thought that I would be heading out with a group of young children and teenagers but to my delight there were adults of all ages heading out too. It was a tough swim out against the current to the assault course. The water was actually not too cold but waves of sea water in my face and mouth caused lots of coughing on the way out. Arriving at the course I was instantly faces with an obstacle – we had to climb on to the course from the after. My weak arms were just about strong enough to get me up. Then the balance came into play. The surface was wet and slippery and instantly young boys were running around the course, no fear in them what so ever. After an hour of hanging on to handles, swinging across surfaces, climbing up ropes , I was in and out of the water a hundred times. Once in the water I struggles to get back on the course, my weak arms giving me awful trouble! My young brother constantly had to pull me up and over the course, as well as other people who must have took pity on my and saw that I needed a hand! After a while I didn’t mind falling off and in to the water, it had happened so much already. I even went to the highest point and went down the slide and also jumped off the “pier”, letting out a screech as I plummeted into the water. By the time the hour was up I didn’t have an ounce of energy left. I was wrecked. That was some workout! And with the mixture of sun, sea water and clambering around the course , my whole body was aching! Such great fun though! Another must do in Puerto del Carmen.
Here’s some pictures from my trip, enjoy!




Summer concerts 🎤🎤

So I had a long weekend in the capital, where I enjoyed myself at two different concerts. Kodaline at Marlay Park, and Queen B herself – Beyonce – at Croke park. Arriving back in Longford on Sunday evening with little energy and a sore body were the signs of a weekend well spent 👍

I travelled up with one of the girls on the bus from Longford to Dublin city centre. (Waaayy cheaper than the train – I got a return bus ticket for less than the price of a single ticket to Dublin on the train! ) The bus stop is also around the corner from my house so it is handy all round.

We stayed at the Harcourt Hotel on  Camden Street , and were treated to a new room with a double bed each! Luxury! The staff were very friendly and helpful, showing us to our room and bringing up our bags. We had a lot of luggage for a two night weekend! They also kept our bags for us the next afternoon after we checked out , which was great as we couldn’t check in for our next nights  accommodation until the late afternoon. Can’t shop on Grafton Street with suitcases!

We headed off to Marlay Park via Luas , taxi and foot. We joined the mobs of concert goers –  people of all ages and from all walks of life. Kodaline appeal to all audiences and that was evident! Festival attire was visible across the park – shorts, florals , headbands and boots. I went for jeans and a splash of floral in the way of a light blazer, and of course my sunnies! 😎 Amazingly the weather was fantastic in Dublin – humid , light breeze and no rain!

We joined the “Prosecco” queue for about 40 minutes so we bought enough Prosecco for the evening to stop us having to join that massive queue again. 🍸

I missed my fav Irish band Walking on Cars – travelling took longer than I though and I was sure they wouldn’t be playing first. I’ve tried to see them so many times and have never got to see them. Next time 100%!

Beyonce in Croke park was something else. I’ve been to a lot of concerts, and I was looking forward to seeing her , but I didn’t realise I would love it as much as I did . She was a class act, she gave 200%, nothing was done by half . Dances, and costume changes, singing acapella – mesmerising. All her Queen’s, soldiers and ladies singing their hearts out , looking every single minute . Hats off Queen Bey – you were amazing.👑🐝

We booked an Airbnb for the Saturday night , as a few more girls were joining us . Six of us stayed in an apartment on Castle street , working out at €40 each. Perfect for us as we wanted something cheap and cheerful as we were not going to spending any time there, we literally just needed a bed for when we fell in at all hours of the morning . Copper’s is open until like 5am you know! It was my second time booking an Airbnb in Dublin , and I would definitely recommend it .

The rest of our weekend was spent looking around the cities shops, waiting and drinking . Chopped is my new favourite place to visit when I go to Dublin ,I always have to pop in, I can’t resist the smoothies ! My trip to Dublin is also not complete without a stop of in Butler’s for my chocolate fix . And of course a stroll through Brown Thomas. I spotted a gorgeous bag and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since – a powder blue Michael Kors handbag and matching wallet . Some day! 😍🙌  Soon…I wish!

So I arrived back home to Longford totally wrecked after trip to the city . Walking from Castle Street to Croke park in heels was definitely not one of my best decisions. My poor feet are in bits still. Rest and relaxation this week , well, until the weekend of course!

Anyone else do anything exciting over the weekend?! Would love to hear from you. Drop me a message!



Race season! 🐎🐎

So I went to my first races of the season there on Monday night . Monday? Yeah , a weekday, and a Monday of all days! But it didn’t stop the crowds descending in Roscommon. I was working a 9 hour shift at work so brought all my gear with me to go straight. Continuous torrential rain didn’t dampen my spirits at all either. We were going to have a great night.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to dress up properly for Ladies Day, due to work commitments. I am very dedicated when it comes to my work! So both me and my friend agreed to not dress up too much! You can literally wear anything to the Roscommon races – some people were extremely well dressed, others more casual and some even in jeans and track suits . Anything goes at Roscommon which is great .

If you have never been to a race dance , such as the one after the Roscommon races, I wouldn’t 100% recommend it! People of all ages dancing the night away to music by country music stars . I can’t jive what-so-ever , but I did make a few attempts! It’s amazing to see young teenagers jiving away , they really know what they’re at. 

We got speaking to two lads from Glenamaddy, and I really struggled to decipher what they were saying. I’m from the Midlands so strong country accents are not new to me, but it really was difficult to know what the Galway men were saying!  

A great evening of racing and dancing , lots more to look forward to during the summer! 




Visiting Amsterdam 

Amsterdam was one of those cities that I always wanted to go to and it didn’t disappoint ! It is a beautiful city , especially in Autumn when we went . The streets were lined with trees of autumn leaves – orange , yellow and brown . The roads were criss crossed with canals at every turn. There are about 1500 bridges in Amsterdam! 

We spent 3 nights in Amsterdam and we packed as much as we could into those few days! There is so much to do and see in this beautiful city , I think we picked a few good ones! 

Yellow bike tour

Seeing all the bicycles parked up on every bridge and street corner, it seemed only right to take a cycle tour across the city. Now I hadn’t been on a bike in about 12 years so I was a bit weary at first! But the staff at the yellow bike tours made sure we were set and ready to go safely. There were about 8 in total in our group and we have a tour guide who told us about all the history of Amsterdam along the way. This was a fantastic way to see the whole city, we saw so much more than you would touring yourself! A cycle tour is definately a must do in Amsterdam . 

The Anne Frank Huis 

Visiting the Anne Frank house was such an emotional experience. I didn’t think it would be, but being in the exact house where Anne and her family hid for so long really stuck me. The Secret Annex is unfurnished, a conscious decision made by Otto Frank. His decision was out of respect and to remind visitors that those who hid here did not return after the war . There are some items in the museum – the original bookcase that led to the Secret Annex, markings of the children’s growth on the walls and photos that Anne used to decorate her bedroom walls. Visitors pass through the house in silence , which adds to the emotions felt during the tour. I would recommend pre-booking tickets as there is a constant queue every day for the Anne Frank house. We queued for 2 and a half hours to get in! It was worth the wait, but the queue can be avoided ! 

The Red Light District

The red light district is everything you have heard it to be! It is very surreal to actually see the area. We walked around the red light district during the day, as did most people who were just curious like we were! We also visited the Prostitution Museum which I would recommend going to. It have a history of prostitution in Amsterdam and how girls came to be involved in this line of work. It was sad to hear how some girls ended up in Amsterdam in this work – a lot very young and trying to pay their way through college. It is more regulated now and there are not as many windows licensed for use in the red light district , and there is more done now to help try and protect the girls. Well worth a visit . 

I Amsterdam

I loved the I Amsterdam sign! Basically it is just giant letters spelling out I Amsterdam. There were a few around the city including just outside the Van Gogh Museum. Always crowds of people and lots of photos being taken. It was a lot of fun and is a perfect photo opportunity . 

If you go to Amsterdam make sure and try out the following! 

Stroopwafel – delicious sweet treat from the bakery! Two thin waffles with a syrup filling ! Yum 

Chips from Manneken Pis. This is a fast food outlet that you will see everywhere in the city , and you will definitely see people walking around with cones of chips! They have mayonnaise and lots of other sauces to choose from!

Macaroons – again you will see macaroons on sale at almost every corner. All so colourful they will most certainly grab your attention. 

Leidseplein square 

The nightlife was great, very relaxed! We found that we didn’t need to dress up in heels or dressy outfits at all, everyone was more casual . We often found that after being out sightseeing all day we would go to a nice bar for a drink and stay out for the night in what we were already wearing! It was nice to sit outside aswell, they had heaters and candles at the tables and also little blankets to keep cosy! We usually went to the Leidseplein square which was a busy area of restaurants and bars. All the trams went through this area too so was very handy. 

I could write so much more on Amsterdam! So much to see and experience , a beautiful city! 



Irish Pharmacy Awards 2016

So I attended the Annual IPN Irish Pharmacy Awards, where the hard working teams in the world of pharmacy are recognised for their dedication to patient care. I’ve never been to the awards before so it was lovely to get the invite! 

I wore a Cari’s Closet Felecity Mini dress in black. I got it at Christmas but this was its first outing! Has anyone ordered from Cari’s Closet before? I’m usually a size 8 and I ordered a size 8 in this dress but it was like three sizes too big! 😱 so I had to get it altered ! But I do love it ! 

So the awards were presented by TV3s Colette Fitzpatrick at the Hilton Doubletree hotel on Burlington road. Pharmacists were nominated for different awards including Pharmacist of the Year, Young Pharmacist of the Year and Superintendent Pharmacist of the Year. All members of the pharmacy team including pharmacy technicians , front of counter staff and pharmacy teams were all up for awards . Pharmacy teams are central part of the community , providing care and advice to all members of the public whenever they need it. Pharmacist’s and their teams are always available , without appointment , to call into for help and advice. We work together with all other health professionals including doctors , nurses, nutritional therapist and physiotherapists. It was fantastic to be part of an event that celebrated and recognised the work that pharmacists and their teams put in on a day to day basis . 

I look forward to attending next year already! 



The beauty of Inis Meáin

I walked in the peaceful silence, the whole land stretched out before me. Tranquil and serene. A hot summers day was uncommon here in recent years,but today we were blessed. The sun, warm on my pale skin, energised me. I could feel it glow, from the inside out. At last I could finally  wear my favourite Ray-Ban sunglasses that I bought on holidays two years ago. Dad thought I was mad, spending a hundred euro on a pair of sunglasses. “A bargain” , I told him. Of course,he wouldn’t believe me.

Only a short ferry ride from Galway city, Inis Meáin was a place of sheer beauty. We often forget what treasures lie so close to home. My dream is to travel, to travel the world and see and experience as much as I can. The Grand Canyon, the Great Barrier Reef, The Empire State building, the Great Wall of China. I didn’t think I would start my journey only a few short hours drive away.

Relief flooded over me as I stepped from the ferry. I would’t say I suffer from sea sickness, but I do have a fear of the open water. The ferry ride was a bit stressful.

We had five hours on the island before the ferry would return to the mainland. Greeting us at the dock were hospitality teams providing us with maps and information. Horses and carts were lined up, much to the delight of the American tourists. Some people were lugging their suitcases to one of the few hotels on the island, next to an old pub and a couple of shops for essentials. The docking area was a hive of activity, the meeting point on the island.

Soon enough, everyone scattered from the dock, as groups, or couples or some on their own. Bicycles were available to rent and many opted for this. With a map in my hand, I headed off on foot to explore. The further from the dock I went, the more the peaceful silence set in. I strolled along the small little roads lined with old stone walls. A very simple way of living, cottages with thatched roofs and neat beautiful gardens. There were no architectural designs or modern houses to be seen here. Looking up, a criss-cross of roads and pathways covered the green hills.

amy2      amy 1`

Exploring the island brought me on a journey through Old Irish heritage and culture. It was a Gaeltacht area, I love hearing the locals speak our native language. The chimes of bicycle bells grew faint and came less often the further into the island I went. Wandering on deserted beaches, the sun radiated though me. A glorious day, the bright blue sky and sparkling water met perfectly. A few wifts of clouds scattered the horizon, no fear of any shadow being cast over these scenic lands. Sitting on a slab of limestone overlooking the beachfront, I embraced the tranquility. The sun warming my back, the light breeze a pleasant refreshment. There was no one else on this stretch of beach. Looking out to the water, I wished I had a few days to spend here, not just a few hours. A group of seagulls caught my attention. They clustered around a trickle stream of water in the sand, squawking and flapping. Some soared high into the sky, others hop-scotched across  the stream. Usually, I duck and run for cover when I spot seagulls, fearing the common swoop for food. Today, like all other on this island, they were in their element.

I dug my hands and feet into the warm grainy sand, surprisingly soft between my toes. This beats any day to the spa. Fresh summer air, the quiet, the peace. I lay back on the sand, my bag underneath my head. Totally mesmerised, in my own little world, this island totally blew me away from reality.

Looking out again, I spotted a little nun making her way from the beach back up the road. Very warm for a habit today I thought. Luckily she was only wearing her headpiece, a light blouse and navy skirt. Rosary beads were woven around her hands. A really Irish image, I thought, to see a nun out on this peaceful island of Inis Meáin. She nodded and smiled over at me in acknowledgement.

Back on the road again, I walked more of the island. I passed by a couple of tourists on their bikes, talking in a foreign language,  discussing their map. The little basket on the young woman’s bicycle was filled with beautiful wild flowers, purple and yellow amongst the greenery. Ireland on a sunny day really is one of my favourite things. A good day of sun is so rare in Ireland that we really savour the moment and make the best of it. Inis Meáin is an island of sheer beauty, bursting with Irish culture and language. It’s beautiful on any day of the year, even in the Irish rain! But on a day like today, I had no option but to soak in it’s radiance, and bask in it’s beauty. Of that, there was plenty.







I need therapy 

So i took a trip to the big smoke last Friday for a bit of retail therapy. My sister lives on Trinity campus so I thought I would park there – handy enough! I’m not great at driving in the city, my usual spot is Heuston station and get the Luas in, but I ventured in as far as Trinity a couple of weeks ago so I decided to give it another shot! I arrived at Trinity beaming from ear to ear only for an interrogation at the barrier that resulted in me being given a ten minute visitors pass. 😡😡😡 So off we went in search of somewhere else to park. It was a busy Friday morning, crazy traffic and I didn’t know where I was going. One way streets, roads work and diversions , chaos. A lot of horns were beeping at me, and I was getting more stressed by the minute. You really need to know where your going if you want to avoid the impatience of the Dublin city drivers. A world away from down the country where we are used to a slow pace, getting stuck behind artics and tractors. After playing “follow the P sign ” for the parking area , which was not so easy to follow I arrived at a car park. Finally I could relax. €10 maximum charge for the day – brilliant! 😄

I went around my favourite places and picked up a few bits of makeup and a nice dress or two of course! 

This MAC lipstick Velvet Teddy and liner Whirl are my new favs. I love matte lipsticks and it stays on for hours! 

These Benefit Playsticks are so fun and I love using them! I went in to get one of the foundations, I had been wearing Vichy dermablend for ages and wanted to change. Not of the girls told me that I wouldn’t like the coverage of the foundation after using the Vichy dermablend so she recommended the Playsticks. I went for the lightest shade Tea Party. So easy to apply and blend , and they really do have great coverage. 

This is the dress I treated myself to in River Island! It will be getting a night out over the weekend 👯👯 I don’t like dresses too tight over my thighs and legs so this one is tight , but not too-tight , if you get me! Can’t wait to wear it . Can’t go wrong with a LBD. 

After my shopping I went back to the car – and a horrific €30 euro charge ! I mis-read the bargain price of €10 maximum for the day- it was during the night ! 😡😡😡

Had a great day over all though – shopping , Nandos and a Chopped smoothie.


X 😴😴

After a few weeks of running around , late evenings, a few nights out and not eating too well I am feeling totally run down. I can’t leave my bed in the mornings and I can’t wait to get into it at night! I’m exhausted , I have no energy and absolutely no motivation . I have a list of things I want to do and get around to but it hasn’t happened this week at all.😞 I am going to give myself the remainder of this week to be tired and I will start May off on a healthier note! Has anyone tried Miss Fit Skinny tea? We sell it in our pharmacy and I have heard great reports! Starting Monday May 2nd I am going to do the 14-day Miss Fit Skinny tea detox and follow the 2 week meal plan as much as I can . I am quite a fussy eater , scanning through the plan I noticed a lot of eggs and salmon which I don’t like at all! So I will have to plan to tweak it a little . This teatox is what I need- total cleanse of my body, get rid of any toxins. My tummy isn’t feeling too great either and this tea is great for bloating and related symptoms so it’s definately what I need! I will let you all know how I get on during the two weeks! I will have the weekend to prep all my meals and snacks so no excuses ! Ah no I’m looking forward to it really! 

If anyone has followed the Miss Fir Skinny tea meal plan let me know what you thought! 



Summer = Hayfever

We have been lucky enough to get a glimpse of the sun these past few days, almost makes us think that the summer is here! Unfortunately for me with the sun comes the hayfever. Only in Ireland that is though, the good weather on holidays never brings about any sneezing, no runny nose, itchy eyes or any congestion. I think I really should live abroad! Yesterday evening, while on stage for The Addams Family, I got into a fit of sneezing. I later found out that the pollen count had been high yesterday. One Zirtek soon sorted me out, but if I had kept an eye on the pollen count I could have avoided my sneezing fit mid-performance! The symptoms of hayfever – sneezing, itchy eyes, runny nose, congestion – are the body’s symptoms of an allergic response. These symptoms can also cause other ailments such as headaches and earaches. If you take steps to keep symptoms at bay (I should take note!), you won’t need a packet of tissues on hand all summer. If you are prone to annual hayfever, anti-histamine tablets can be started on St. Patrick’s day and taken every day for the rest of the season. Don’t worry, I know St. Patrick’s Day has passed, so you can start now! Cetirizine it a once daily, non-drowsy tablet, available in many different brands such as Zirkek, Zirpine, Cetriz. One tablet every morning does the job. If you forget to take it some mornings or get a bit lazy as the summer moves on, the symptoms may set in! When this happens I find a nasal spray very good to alleviate them. Prevalin is a steroid-free nasal spray that works brilliantly. It is in a gel form at rest, and becomes a liquid when shaken for easy dispersion. Once sprayed into the nose, it settles back as a micro gel layer on the inside of the nose. The gel layer neutralises the pollen in the nose and stops the allergic response being triggered. Prevalin nasal sprays help alleviate all symptoms of hay fever and are available for adults and children.

Helpful tips to avoid hayfever symptoms!

  1. Wear sunglasses
  2. Shower after being outside
  3. Change clothes after being outside
  4. Put vaseline under the nose to trap allergens
  5. Check the daily pollen count

If anyone wants to know anything else, or some extra advice, message me or comment !