Relaxation in Lanzarote

So I am just back from 5 days on the beautiful Canary island of Lanzarote. Rest and relaxation was the sole purpose of my trip and that’s exactly what I did. I had been away in March to Cancun, which was a jam-packed trip and I was literally exhausted after getting home. So a few days in the sun to relax was exactly what I needed.
My Daily Routine 

For each of my 5 days I had a basic sort of routine. It didn’t consist of much, but it made sure I made the most of my trip. I woke around 8am but gave myself an extra half hour and I got up at 8.30am. I sat with a cup of tea on the balcony of the Atlantis Las Lomas apartments and enjoyed the fresh air and the beginning of the days sunshine emerging.
By about 9.30am , after washing applying layers of sun cream I was ready for a walk. I used a Garnier Amber Solaire BB cream with SPF50 on my face. It was tinted aswell as providing that essential sun care for your face. I walked along the beach, bare feet in and out of the waves. Just some time on my own, listening to my Spotify and taking in the beautiful scenes around me. Lots of young families were down early, children playing in the sand and water. The coolest time of the day. Local businesses were setting up sun loungers and parasols for the day, pedal boats and the hugely popular Inflatable assault course out on the water. (I’ll tell you about my time on the course further on!) At about 10am every morning I saw the lifeguards coming on duty and raising the green flags along the beach. After walking up and back down the length of the beach I headed back to the apartments.
I tried to eat lightly during the day, so often croissants and fruit for breakfast, and a tuna baguette for some lunch. Also litres of water! The temperatures were between 28-30 degrees during my stay so it was very hot and keeping rehydrated was essential. I managed to keep to this sort of plan, an odd can of Coca Cola may have been consumed. I somehow resisted the ice creams!
I love the sun and sunbathing is something I really enjoy. I sat out for most of the afternoon, trying to make sure I would go home with a nice tan. I read two books over the 5 days – I didn’t have time to read in a couple of months so it was great to finally have some time. I read a book called Sisters and Lies by Bernice Barrington which kept my engrossed with the mystery of what was going on in the plot. Then I read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larsson. This was a book I have wanted to read for longest time and I finally got around to it. Again, I couldn’t put the book down. I’ve already started on the second in the series!
In the afternoon I would take a break from sunbathing for fear of overheating! So into the pool I went, with my brother who loved the water. Unlike my brother who would canon ball into the pool, I gingerly went in a toe at a time and then step by step. Once I was in I was grand, but I just can’t get in to the cold water quickly.
I stayed out in the sun for hours, usually until sometime between 5pm and 6pm. By this stage it was necessary to get myself in order for going to dinner . After a luke warm shower, which is very strange for me as I always love the water scalding, I began the process of taming my hair. Unfortunately my hair doesn’t sit too well in the heat and just goes completely frizzy. I either just tied it back in pony or put a few loose GHD curls and hoped for the best. Straightening was just not an option for me here in Lanzarote. My make up was also a bit of a task, even though I cleansed and moisturised routinely each day, my skin was still very dry. The make up went on in streaks and refused to blend for me. Looking closely in the mirror it looked like I was doing a bad job of painting my face! I went for minimalist make – up as layering it on was not a good look in the heat. So a bit of eye shadow and mascara and my face lipstick MAC Velvet Teddy completed the look. The the process of what to wear would begin. Despite my regular applications of sun cream I did still burn a little , so I had to find something comfortable to wear that wasn’t too tight on my skin. As I had overpacked for my 5 day trip I had lots to choose from!
We went for a family dinner each evening – myself with my mum and dad and brother. I returned to my youth and had Smirnoff ice with my meals, or sangria which I loved. I don’t know whether being left out of the complimentary after meals shot and getting a lollipop instead was a good think or bad thing!? I’m a lot older than people perceive me to be!
We are in many restaurants along Avenida de las Playas , but my favourite beyond doubt was Restaurtante Playa Mar. We passes by it most evenings saying we would save it until last as it looked so good. A glass front showed the chefs preparing and chargrilling the steaks and meats on open flames. Being able to see into the kitchen is something I love. The smell of the food was amazing and from I could see on the plates passing by it looked equally amazing. Last night I order chicken in pepper sauce , served with rice , chips and vegetables. I ordered sangria to drink and ordered the chocolate brownie to finish. And I finished every morsel the food was that good! Dad of course ordered the steak with chips and salad, my mum the fish in natter with chips and salad and my brother went for the roast beef with chips and vegetables. Everyone was delighted with the meal. The portion sizes were great, the food was so fresh and hot and the service and presentation was 100%. We were extremely well looked after. A bill of €95 euro including service charge, a bottle of wine and bread rolls with 4 main meals and deserts was amazing value for the high quality food and service we received . I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting Puerto deal Carmen.
As I was on a quiet family holiday, and none of my sisters came, I can’t comment much on the night life this time. But it looked like there was lots to offer so will have to re-book another holding to test it out! We went to a couple of Irish bars and Ruta 66 on the main beachfront for cocktails that were nice. But we found a gem of a bar in the Old Town of Puerto Rico in the form of an Irish Bar called Craic n’ Ceol. It was hair around the corner from the main shopping centre Las Vistas. We went in shortly after 10pm and the music was in full swing. The place was full and everyone was really enjoying the music. It was a proper Irish bar in ten middle of Puerto del Carmen and was a real family bar. We were well looked after by the staff who were all very friendly and welcoming. The night we were in there happened to be a wedding party in. The couple were Irish and had got married in Puerto del Carmen that day, and a request for Galway Girl had the whole wedding party up on the dance floor. An amazing atmosphere! Again as I was with the family, we didn’t stay too late or go too mad but it looked like it was place for lots of craic into the early hours! I’ll have to plan a return trip to Craic n’ Ceol on my next holiday for sure.
Shopping in Puerto del Carmen was also excellent , and I managed to squash a few dresses and jackets from Mango and Zara into my Ryanair allowances on the flight home. Note to self : check in a large suitcase to bring home more shopping! The style of clothes in Spain always appeals to me and could have shopped a lot more!
My last day in Lanzarote included one activity that my brother insisted on. And that was going out on the inflatable assault course with him. Life jackets were mandatory so I was put at some ease going out to the open water at least. I had thought that I would be heading out with a group of young children and teenagers but to my delight there were adults of all ages heading out too. It was a tough swim out against the current to the assault course. The water was actually not too cold but waves of sea water in my face and mouth caused lots of coughing on the way out. Arriving at the course I was instantly faces with an obstacle – we had to climb on to the course from the after. My weak arms were just about strong enough to get me up. Then the balance came into play. The surface was wet and slippery and instantly young boys were running around the course, no fear in them what so ever. After an hour of hanging on to handles, swinging across surfaces, climbing up ropes , I was in and out of the water a hundred times. Once in the water I struggles to get back on the course, my weak arms giving me awful trouble! My young brother constantly had to pull me up and over the course, as well as other people who must have took pity on my and saw that I needed a hand! After a while I didn’t mind falling off and in to the water, it had happened so much already. I even went to the highest point and went down the slide and also jumped off the “pier”, letting out a screech as I plummeted into the water. By the time the hour was up I didn’t have an ounce of energy left. I was wrecked. That was some workout! And with the mixture of sun, sea water and clambering around the course , my whole body was aching! Such great fun though! Another must do in Puerto del Carmen.
Here’s some pictures from my trip, enjoy!




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