Race season! 🐎🐎

So I went to my first races of the season there on Monday night . Monday? Yeah , a weekday, and a Monday of all days! But it didn’t stop the crowds descending in Roscommon. I was working a 9 hour shift at work so brought all my gear with me to go straight. Continuous torrential rain didn’t dampen my spirits at all either. We were going to have a great night.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to dress up properly for Ladies Day, due to work commitments. I am very dedicated when it comes to my work! So both me and my friend agreed to not dress up too much! You can literally wear anything to the Roscommon races – some people were extremely well dressed, others more casual and some even in jeans and track suits . Anything goes at Roscommon which is great .

If you have never been to a race dance , such as the one after the Roscommon races, I wouldn’t 100% recommend it! People of all ages dancing the night away to music by country music stars . I can’t jive what-so-ever , but I did make a few attempts! It’s amazing to see young teenagers jiving away , they really know what they’re at. 

We got speaking to two lads from Glenamaddy, and I really struggled to decipher what they were saying. I’m from the Midlands so strong country accents are not new to me, but it really was difficult to know what the Galway men were saying!  

A great evening of racing and dancing , lots more to look forward to during the summer! 





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