I need therapy 

So i took a trip to the big smoke last Friday for a bit of retail therapy. My sister lives on Trinity campus so I thought I would park there – handy enough! I’m not great at driving in the city, my usual spot is Heuston station and get the Luas in, but I ventured in as far as Trinity a couple of weeks ago so I decided to give it another shot! I arrived at Trinity beaming from ear to ear only for an interrogation at the barrier that resulted in me being given a ten minute visitors pass. 😡😡😡 So off we went in search of somewhere else to park. It was a busy Friday morning, crazy traffic and I didn’t know where I was going. One way streets, roads work and diversions , chaos. A lot of horns were beeping at me, and I was getting more stressed by the minute. You really need to know where your going if you want to avoid the impatience of the Dublin city drivers. A world away from down the country where we are used to a slow pace, getting stuck behind artics and tractors. After playing “follow the P sign ” for the parking area , which was not so easy to follow I arrived at a car park. Finally I could relax. €10 maximum charge for the day – brilliant! 😄

I went around my favourite places and picked up a few bits of makeup and a nice dress or two of course! 

This MAC lipstick Velvet Teddy and liner Whirl are my new favs. I love matte lipsticks and it stays on for hours! 

These Benefit Playsticks are so fun and I love using them! I went in to get one of the foundations, I had been wearing Vichy dermablend for ages and wanted to change. Not of the girls told me that I wouldn’t like the coverage of the foundation after using the Vichy dermablend so she recommended the Playsticks. I went for the lightest shade Tea Party. So easy to apply and blend , and they really do have great coverage. 

This is the dress I treated myself to in River Island! It will be getting a night out over the weekend 👯👯 I don’t like dresses too tight over my thighs and legs so this one is tight , but not too-tight , if you get me! Can’t wait to wear it . Can’t go wrong with a LBD. 

After my shopping I went back to the car – and a horrific €30 euro charge ! I mis-read the bargain price of €10 maximum for the day- it was during the night ! 😡😡😡

Had a great day over all though – shopping , Nandos and a Chopped smoothie.




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