Tired.com 😴😴

After a few weeks of running around , late evenings, a few nights out and not eating too well I am feeling totally run down. I can’t leave my bed in the mornings and I can’t wait to get into it at night! I’m exhausted , I have no energy and absolutely no motivation . I have a list of things I want to do and get around to but it hasn’t happened this week at all.😞 I am going to give myself the remainder of this week to be tired and I will start May off on a healthier note! Has anyone tried Miss Fit Skinny tea? We sell it in our pharmacy and I have heard great reports! Starting Monday May 2nd I am going to do the 14-day Miss Fit Skinny tea detox and follow the 2 week meal plan as much as I can . I am quite a fussy eater , scanning through the plan I noticed a lot of eggs and salmon which I don’t like at all! So I will have to plan to tweak it a little . This teatox is what I need- total cleanse of my body, get rid of any toxins. My tummy isn’t feeling too great either and this tea is great for bloating and related symptoms so it’s definately what I need! I will let you all know how I get on during the two weeks! I will have the weekend to prep all my meals and snacks so no excuses ! Ah no I’m looking forward to it really! 

If anyone has followed the Miss Fir Skinny tea meal plan let me know what you thought! 




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