Summer = Hayfever

We have been lucky enough to get a glimpse of the sun these past few days, almost makes us think that the summer is here! Unfortunately for me with the sun comes the hayfever. Only in Ireland that is though, the good weather on holidays never brings about any sneezing, no runny nose, itchy eyes or any congestion. I think I really should live abroad! Yesterday evening, while on stage for The Addams Family, I got into a fit of sneezing. I later found out that the pollen count had been high yesterday. One Zirtek soon sorted me out, but if I had kept an eye on the pollen count I could have avoided my sneezing fit mid-performance! The symptoms of hayfever – sneezing, itchy eyes, runny nose, congestion – are the body’s symptoms of an allergic response. These symptoms can also cause other ailments such as headaches and earaches. If you take steps to keep symptoms at bay (I should take note!), you won’t need a packet of tissues on hand all summer. If you are prone to annual hayfever, anti-histamine tablets can be started on St. Patrick’s day and taken every day for the rest of the season. Don’t worry, I know St. Patrick’s Day has passed, so you can start now! Cetirizine it a once daily, non-drowsy tablet, available in many different brands such as Zirkek, Zirpine, Cetriz. One tablet every morning does the job. If you forget to take it some mornings or get a bit lazy as the summer moves on, the symptoms may set in! When this happens I find a nasal spray very good to alleviate them. Prevalin is a steroid-free nasal spray that works brilliantly. It is in a gel form at rest, and becomes a liquid when shaken for easy dispersion. Once sprayed into the nose, it settles back as a micro gel layer on the inside of the nose. The gel layer neutralises the pollen in the nose and stops the allergic response being triggered. Prevalin nasal sprays help alleviate all symptoms of hay fever and are available for adults and children.

Helpful tips to avoid hayfever symptoms!

  1. Wear sunglasses
  2. Shower after being outside
  3. Change clothes after being outside
  4. Put vaseline under the nose to trap allergens
  5. Check the daily pollen count

If anyone wants to know anything else, or some extra advice, message me or comment !





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