Musical madness! 🎭🎭

One hour to go until the dress rehearsal and I am already exhausted! Nine shows over nice nights is going to be tough on the system . Why didn’t I take some time off work again?? I don’t think, that’s why . The show this year is The Addams Family. Not just a show though – a musical!! I love being a member of the musical society and have been on stage numerous times with shows such as Oklahoma! , Oliver! And Fiddler on the Roof. This is my fourth year in a row with the society. Our audiences are in for a treat this year. I think people usually know what to expect from lit performances but this musical – The Addams Family, is new, dark, exciting and totally different to anything we have staged before. The set looks fantastic , and the costumes and make up are definately going to add to the feel of the performances. I am playing an ancestor this hear so I have the fun opportunity to put pritt stick on my face as part of the make up design . Il let you know how that goes!!! My poor skin is going to be in bits by the end of the shows, but for the overall effect I think it will be worth it! Has anyone seen The Addams Family as a musical ? Or been part of a production ? Tell me about it! 
I better run here and get myself ready! 


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