Newbie :)

4698326_where-to-buy-pretty-stationery_ta134d867So, I am a newbie here, and just trying to get my head around the whole blogging/ WordPress world! My dream is to write  book. I have always had this dream, but haven’t really done much about it! Reading is something I love and I’ve always wanted to be able to write something that others would like to read. I have an idea for my story, but I don’t know how to get there. Ideas come and go, and I  say “oh I’ll write that down tomorrow”, but tomorrow never come. I thought the idea of starting this blog would get me in the habit of actually writing down my ideas, and writing in general. The last few years I ‘ve spent in college, and for the last three years I have been working as a Pharmacist. I love and really enjoy what I do, but I want to start something different, a new journey, a new goal. Today is the start of my new journey. I’m starting to write. Tips and tricks for starting this up would be much appreciated!!




1 thought on “Newbie :)

  1. Welcome, welcome welcome to the blogging community! I’m growing to love it!



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